A Tribute to Buddy


To the Editor:
I had to put my best friend to sleep today (March 31). He was my buddy.
Buddy was born May 20, 2001. He had a good life. He could be a little irritating when he was outside and barking at every car or person who went by the rectory. But he still was my best friend. In his younger years we would play some, but I was 56 and not in the best shape. I got tired sooner than he did. There was the “potty” training when he was a puppy that was interesting, to say the least.
I remember one time at St. Mary’s in Dodgeville that was scary at first. He was about one year old. I had put him out (there was quite a bit of property) to enjoy the day. He decided to go exploring, I guess. I went to get him a couple of hours later, and he was nowhere to be found. I called out his name loudly, but to no avail. I got in my car and headed to the highway fearing the worst, but no Buddy.
I turned around and went in the opposite direction from the rectory towards the cemetery. I spotted him in a field north of the cemetery and drove into the cemetery. I got out of my car and called him. He couldn’t figure out how to get to me. I had to climb over a fence to get him, and then all was OK.
One of the good times was when we were in North English. There were several acres of property there as well. Shortly after arriving there we met a nice couple across the street who happened to be parishioners. Buddy took to them and whenever he was out, he would meander over to their house. If I couldn’t see him on the property, I knew he was over with Clem and Audrey.
We spent many other good and bad times together over these past 13 years. Today was the third-worst day of my life, next to the deaths of my parents. For anyone who has or had a pet, I think you know what a person goes through. My sister and I went into the exam room and spent several minutes with Buddy before the doctor came in and explained what was going to happen. My sister stayed with Buddy, but I couldn’t.
Buddy will always be in my heart. I will never forget him.
Father Pat Lumsden
(Fr. Lumsden is pastor of St. Patrick parishes in Georgetown and Melrose and St. Peter Parish in Lovilia.)

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