Don’t lose sight on the war against abortion


To the Editor:
We are blessed to be Americans! We are free because thousands of American soldiers went to war to keep us free. Sadly, a great many soldiers gave their lives and died on foreign soil to achieve this goal.
The expression “War is hell” is so true. Behind all the evil in this world is the devil who comes from hell. He enters people’s minds and souls and, unless they have God in their lives, he is able to lead them down a sinful path.
The saddest and most heinous war of all time is going on right now. It is called abortion. Since 1973, we have actually killed over 50 million little Americans more than the number of soldiers who died in all the wars put together. Granted, they are human babies still in the womb, but they are alive; they are our future.
How did this happen in America? Are we so blind to this atrocity? We must not lose this war! Our soldiers fought for each and every one of us, from the babies in the womb to the elderly to have life until natural death. God gave us the Ten Commandments and a free will to choose right from wrong.
We will never have peace until we let our “little Americans” have life. We are a country of a lot of good people who save animals’ lives. Now let’s save our children!
Ruth Weber

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