Preserve native life


To the Editor:
Most likely, you have never thought of your property as a sanctuary for native life. However, it is in your yard and our commonly owned spaces such as road ditches that represent a few of the last opportunities for native prairie life to survive.
Traditionally, we have always thought of nature being somewhere out there in the vast Iowa landscape. Now, surveys show this is a misrepresentation. Native life forms have been severely diminished and species are disappearing entirely, one after another.
Why should we care about nature? Well, Homo sapiens evolved from a matrix of biodiversity. As a result, our survival depends on an environment with lots of biological diversity. Contemplate some facts for a moment. What generates the oxygen we breathe? How is the topsoil created that grows our crops? What sucks the carbon out of the air? What purifies water going into the ground aquifers? What pollinates our food crops?
In destroying native life habitat, the scaffolds holding up our very own health are being battered down. Our decimation of nature is boomeranging right back at us.
A second aspect to ponder: God created native life forms.
Reverence of all of creation is a prerequisite to a deeper insight into the majesty of God. Therefore, to emanate God’s blessing over nature is an act of prayer.
Committing to an ethic of conservation and stewardship is our responsibility. Acts that make a difference:  1. Redesign your property to support native life. 2. Support native plantings in roadside ditches. 3. Advocate for preservation of native life.
John Clayton

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