Mourning lives lost


To the Editor:
As Sept. 11 nears, we are reminded of the terrible attack of the twin towers in New York and we will mourn for the 3,000 lives that were lost when violent death was forced upon the innocent.
But we never wake up! Violent death is still being forced upon the innocent every single day. It’s called “abortion.”  Our very own pro-choice government, which gives some of our tax dollar money to Planned Parenthood, is run by pro-choice politicians who were voted into office by pro-choice men and women across our country who by their votes give so-called “abortion doctors” the scalpels and scissors that perform violent death on the innocent.  This also is an act of terrorism — it’s killing!
What is it that pro-choice people don’t understand about “Thou Shalt Not Kill”?! The terrorists of 9-11 thought they had the right to do what they did too, but we all agree what they did was evil! We all need to come together and recognize that the baby in the womb is just as human as those who died in the towers and deserves the right to life.
Ruth Weber

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