Jesus loves everyone


To the Editor:
Kudos to Frank Wessling for writing the editorial “We must do better” (July 4, 2013).  Indeed, we must do better.  We can look to the Bible and know that it’s inspired, but often misinterpreted. The Old Testament, especially, contains a list of rules and behaviors that most of us would find pretty reprehensible today.  Such as getting rid of a wife if she doesn’t conceive (could’ve been the husband’s problem!), or “lying” with your daughter or sister  or “casting out” a gay person, even when we say that we are ALL made in God’s image and likeness.
We seem to forget that there is a lot of allegory and possibly legends in the OT. What we really need to focus on is that Jesus included everyone, saints and sinners alike. We can all be one or the other as we go through our daily lives.  Sometimes I’m a much better person than at other times.  How about living the “Love thy neighbor rule?”  “Judge not lest we be judged?”  I think we can all find ways to be better.
Bobbie Paxton
Iowa City

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