Reflections on pope from St. Joseph Catholic School, DeWitt


“I think having a new pope is great. The world gets to experience new ways to be a Catholic. Pope Francis is from another country, so I think it will be great to see how he adjusts to being new to everything. I hope he changes some things in the Catholic religion and that he will make a big difference in every child’s faith. I hope he will put everyone before him when it comes to choosing.”
Taylor Grell, eighth grade
“I am glad that we finally have the leader of our Church from somewhere other than Europe.  It’s just too bad the United States wasn’t the recent home of the pope. Anyway, Pope Francis, in my mind, was a great pick because of his humbleness. I hope that everybody respects this pope because he has so many great aspects. He has gratitude, justice and a great knowledge that he can help our faith with, hopefully, for the next 20 years or so.”
Matt Burke, eighth grade

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