The effects of sin on us


By Deacon Frank Agnoli

(Editor’s note: Deacon Frank Agnoli presents the third in his series of articles on the healing sacraments. He is director of liturgy and of deacon formation for the Davenport Diocese.)
Last week, we talked about how to define “sin.” This week, we go a little deeper to talk about the effects, or consequences, of sin — what sin does to us (and those around us). To begin with, as mentioned last week, sin injures (and, if mortal, ruptures) our relationship with God, as well as with the people we’ve hurt by our actions or omissions. But, sin goes deeper than that.
As human beings, we are connected to one another. When we talk about being part of the human family, or part of the Body of Christ, these are not just empty words. We are bound to, in solidarity with, one another. Therefore, in some way my sin affects you — and all of humanity. Even my most private sins have a ripple effect; like a pebble thrown into a pond, it spreads out and affects the whole pond and everything in it in some way.

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