Stop killing innocents


To the Editor:
One should remember that the longer one stays in the darkness, the harder it is to see the light of Christ. This country is in darkness and many do not see the light of truth.
There are 40 years of killing the child in the womb and it is considered acceptable by law.
There are 20 plus children and adults killed in a school and the country cries evil while 50 million lives have been lost to abortion since 1973. Lives are lost to abortion every Tuesday at the clinic in Bettendorf without report and not a tear is shed.
The country blames guns for killings and I will blame suction machines for the killing of the child in the womb.
The country wishes to ban guns; what about suction machines?
Neither the ban on guns nor suction machines will stop the killing. Killing is evil as noted from the lesson of the elementary school. That is true. All killing of the innocent is wrong. It is morally wrong due to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” That is the morality of God. But commandments are ridiculed today in society.
God has noted that if you say you love him and do not keep the commandments, you are a liar. We have lied in the dark so long that God no longer matters and killing is acceptable. God and his commandments are no longer primary in society. If this darkness continues, more killings will be manifested as that is what evil does. When will America and Catholics in particular see the light and open their hearts to love that is holy and not of self?
Bill Grothus

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