Resolution for 2013


By Frank Wessling

Changing our calendars for a new year is more than a simple physical act. Going from December to January marks the movement of time in a way that demands attention.
Whether we want to be aware of it or not, the turning to a new numbered year compels a sense of things done and gone along with empty time ahead inviting . . . what? More of the same? Or more intentional, more resolute, more purposeful living?
The person who habitually ends each day by reviewing it in company with a sense of God’s presence understands all of this from practice.
What resolutions might we as a community make for 2013 after reviewing the past year? Having come through what felt like an interminable, small-minded political campaign we still have not resolved a large, hard question: Who speaks for the common good?
It can be important to argue issues of money, debt, deficit and taxes, as we did last year. But those are only instruments of policy. We need clearer voices showing ways that our use of money, etc., can bring us together rather than push us apart, as they have been doing.

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