Amid evil, don’t lose faith


To the Editor:
In a world of instant news, it’s not surprising that what’s “newsworthy” is usually sad, often disheartening. So much so it seems morality is lost in a world of secular interests. Don’t believe this for one second.
The newsworthiness of evil events doesn’t diminish acts of good that occur after, or sometimes even during, evil events. We can’t comprehend why Evil (Satan) emanates in such ungodly, horrific fashion, but that’s Evil’s very nature: un-godliness. That we can’t comprehend the depths that Evil hates is both a sign of the Good (God) that is within us, and an opportunity for us to recognize that Evil is aware and uses our ignorance of its hate as a weapon against us.
Immorality, in an acute — usually extreme — act of evil, is often evident to even the most hardened of nonbelievers. It’s the incremental destruction of morality that’s hard to recognize due to a chronic ignorance of Evil’s subtle nature.  It’s like recognizing acute appendicitis versus chronic arthritis.
Don’t lose faith and believe the world is evil because Evil’s use of “shock and awe” creates doubt. Let’s also not let acutely evil events cause us to fail to recognize Evil’s chronic, subtle nature, lest we accept it.
We’re created by Good. We have fallen from grace, but not without redemption. We know this. God has given us the path (Jesus) and the tools (faith/prayer) to reach heaven. He’s also given us free will to choose whether or not to use them.
We must recognize immorality in its most subtle form. Let’s not give up hope. Evil wants that. Good always follows Evil because God is good; God is love, and love heals all. This season of Christmas, let’s not lose our sight on the Light of Love.
Brent Earley

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