Spend money on poor, not political campaigns


To the Editor:
I, like many of you, became irritated, angry and disgusted by all the political ads, phone calls and flood of mail during the election process.
I am most upset by the amount of money that was spent, much of it by special-interest groups and super PACs, some by individuals, all hoping to advance their favored causes. What we received were arguments, lies, futile promises and empty rhetoric.
Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent that could have and SHOULD have been spent to help the homeless, provide medical care to those who need it — to “right the wrongs” that politicians have spent more than a year spinning.
I’m proud to be an American, but I’m deeply disturbed by the excesses and negativities infecting the election process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if political parties and candidates would AGREE to set a reasonable limit on money spent?  Wouldn’t it be great if sponsors and supporters of the candidates would contribute those millions of dollars to improve the wellbeing of those in need?
The ancient Hebrew prophets were concerned with two failings:  idolatry and social injustice.
In the instance of our most recent election, Mammon reigned as the supreme deity and the plight of the poor received scant attention.
Judi Droll

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