Stand up for life


To the Editor:
We have a very important and critical election coming up in November. The words of Pope John Paul II say it all. “The country that kills its own is a country without hope.” More than 50 million babies have been aborted by their mothers since Roe v. Wade was made a heinous law in 1973. If we continue this way, we have no hope for our future.
We need to stand up for life — not as Republicans or Democrats, but as caring Americans. We argue pro and con about abortion but aren’t we forgetting someone — the innocent baby?! No matter how the baby was conceived, the baby is completely innocent. This law must be overturned now. We have the means to do it in November Contrary to what some TV ads tell you, the good majority of women are pro-life.
And contrary to an Aug. 23 Quad-City Times article by Dana Milbank about “GOP antics precede forecast of God’s wrath,” I beg to differ. The weather and storms will always be around; however, it’s laughable he didn’t include the unusual earthquake in Washington, D.C., on his weather tirade.
Don’t be blaming God for the mistakes and sins of various human beings. God gave us each a free will to choose the right path. And it’s also strange I did not read a list of the Democrats who have “slipped” — from former President Clinton on down! If you want to place blame anywhere, blame the devil who is so active these days tempting us — wanting to drag us all down to his level. Let’s not let this happen.
Ruth Weber

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