God’s creation inspires sixth-grade poets


At Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School in Burlington, religion teacher Nita Carlson asked sixth-graders to write poems about creation. Below are three of their creations.


When I wake up and open my window, I smell the fresh breeze,

I think of God


When I go outside, I see the flowers and trees standing so perfectly,

I think of God

Then I see the colorful birds chirping so happily and the butterflies flapping their wings elegantly,

I think of God

While I am eating yummy and delicious food,

I think of God

When I run my fingers through clear, smooth, water,

I think of God

When I look up at the bright blue sky and the sun shining through the clouds,

I think of God…and that day when I will be next to him.



God’s creation is all around us.

He created the sky, stars, and the moon.

He created night and day, dawn to dusk.

He created the earth for all of us!


He created the oceans for fish to swim.

He created land for us to live in.

The animals he created were big and small.

He created air and water for us all.


He created humans, plants, and animals at last.

He gave us the gift to love one another.

Each person is fragile like glass.

I think his greatest creation is friendship.

Oh God!  Thank you for everything!



God lovingly created the trees

God lovingly created the ocean

God lovingly created the breeze

What is God’s potion?


God lovingly gave us his beauty, his joy

There is no flaw in God’s plan

Which is sure to be holy


Thank you God for all you do

I know everyone wishes you some thanks, too


You created life, you created death

You created everything down to every last breath

You created the stars in the night sky

Everyone wants to know why

But yet there is one simple answer everyone should know

It is called LOVE


God loves us so much he wanted us to see something pretty

As pretty as a budding flower


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