Science has room for God


To the Editor:
Scientists at times announce new developments that get the attention of the general public.  For several years we have heard about the search for the so-called “God Particle” (Higgs-Boson Particle). So I took great interest in the confirmation that this sub-atomic particle actually exists.
In short, the discovery helps explain why the universe contains matter, not just energy.
As science progresses in our understanding of the universe, efforts to develop a “unified theory” still elude the brightest minds.
For those of us who are believers, the important thing is that in all scientific advancements, there is still room for a creator. Science neither proves nor disproves God. What appears as purely physical, even random, can still be part of the creator’s work.
Theoretical physicists pursue even more startling possibilities about the universe. Some think that although we experience four dimensions (three in space, and one in time), as many as 11 dimensions exist. The additional dimensions simply cannot be detected.
Again, this is of interest to the believer. For we make an analogous claim: A spiritual dimension exists.  Dare I raise the possibility that we are not as foolish as the critics of religion insist?
Mike Streb
Iowa City

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