Who respects life?


To the Editor:
Is God a Republican?
In a recent editorial Frank Wessling, leaning heavily again to liberal bias, interjected this question for consideration. While disparaging the Moral Majority, a movement which 32 years ago challenged the destructive direction of our aborting society, he begrudged the idea that the Author of Life might somehow be clothed in the scarlet letter “R.”
Perhaps, as with unguarded agenda movements, human excesses and pride muddied Moral Majority’s waters.
However, not heeding their clarion call to stand firm to core values, we are now mourning the loss of over 50,000,000 (yes, that is 50 million) little images of God who have been lost and are continuing to lose their right to life under that new-found  “right to privacy” here in America.
Guess I refuse to accept the idea that God is either Republican or Democrat, but he is as just as he is compassionate. So as long as one party embraces the platform that a preborn child has no God-given right to life, and now even mandates churches, charities, universities and pro-life Christians to pay for every employee’s sterilization and abortifacients, it would seem that it might be testing God’s patience in holding back his arm of justice.
Playing the shell game that insurance companies are paying for egregious coverage does not change the reality. Frantically and deviously stirring up falsehoods that the opposition hates the poor in an attempt to obfuscate truth will not win the day — for underlying all is life, and killing the children is NOT the answer to poverty.
Charlene Merritt

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