From the mouths of babes


Each week in the Knightly News, the St. James School newsletter, Principal Teresa Beenblossom tries to add children’s quotes. Below are some of the school’s favorites.
• A prekindergarten student had been struggling in the afternoons as she was missing her parents.  Mrs. Monika Chalupa said the student could “think happy thoughts.” The little girl gave her a funny look and went back to work.
A few days later, the girl said, “It’s working!”
Mrs. C said, “What’s working?”
“Happy thoughts! I was sad, but now I’m thinking happy thoughts!”
You never know what the kids will listen to and pick up on, so no matter where you are or what you are doing, be an example.
• On Ash Wednesday, a kindergartener was headed back to class after Mass and was overheard saying, “Look, they put smoke on our heads!”
• A little guy said to Mrs. Karen Brandt, “You’re the best teacher ever!”  Another boy turned and said, “Not the BEST teacher; God is the BEST teacher.”
• Three second-grade boys were at the Washington Demons football game on homecoming night. As the Demons quarterback fell back to make a long pass, one of the boys said, “Oh, I think it is going to be a Hail Mary!” The other boy replied, “Or an Our Father!”

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