The Church holds steady


To the Editor:

Consider this analogy: Because people have died crossing railroad tracks, cities, for safety, install rail guards. People drive around these protections for whatever reasons. Because some refuse to comply, should cities be required to remove the guards?

Fast forward to the current debate involving churches of various denominations entrusted with the spiritual wellbeing of followers and those who choose to be in their sphere of influence. Knowing the negative effects of contraceptives and the destructive consequences of abortifacients such as RU486 and ellaOne and with wisdom of the ages to fortify, the churches have established protective guards. Since some choose to ignore their church’s counsel, should the churches be required to abandon their moral responsibilities?

More importantly, how can the federal government, in this nation with guaranteed religious freedom, mandate that a church (or any employer with convictions for that matter) contravene its codes, violate its conscience, and pay for a completely new found right — the right to free contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs?


Thank God our Catholic Church is resolute, for one does not have to look far to see the results of ignoring the prophetic encyclical, Humanae Vitae (Pope Paul VI, 1968,  a solid basis for moral safeguards) — epidemic promiscuity and STDs, exploitation of women and children, relationship disconnects, infidelity, failed marriages, increased poverty, emotional scars from 53,000,000 abortions, infertility, physical trauma and even death from flaunting natural law (example, 400 percent increase in breast cancer).

Persuaded to demand unfettered equality, women give up their unique worth as society in general and this administration in particular sound the siren call: “It’s your right!”

Thank you, Church leadership for holding steadfast to your sacred duty.

Charlene Merritt


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