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The Associated Press is already gearing up for its presentation of the assault on religious liberty.

Bi-partisan bills have been introduced in the Senate and House to affirm that right which is embodied in our Constitution, that laws of the state do not violate conscience. These bills are Senate Bill 1467 and HR Bill 1179. They are co-sponsored by 135 members of both parties.

The Obama Administration has no constitutional right to impose on any religious group the rule to provide a service which is against moral teaching.  If the government is given this right over the Catholic Church and other religious groups, it will eventually impose its will on every aspect of life that concerns every American.

This is not about the Catholic Church taking away the right of the woman to take birth control as some people and the media are asserting. It is about the government forcing the Catholic Church to go against its teaching.


Please call or email your senators and representatives and ask them to call the leaders in Congress to introduce these bills for a vote and to vote in support of these bills.

The right of conscience is not given to us by the government. It is given to us by God.

Mary Jo Jensen


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