We are all God’s children

Martha Popson

As an American, I get a special kick out of stopping at the local Casey’s Convenience Store early in the morning as all sorts of people drop in to get their coffee and doughnuts.  There are career people in suits, folks with a kid on their hip, guys in orange bibs and seed-corn hats.  There are young kids eating breakfast as they run out the door, juggling the Snickers bar, a drink and a backpack.

I channel Carl Sandburg:  America, drinkers of coffee, hunters of deer, hope for the future and I am part of it all!

As an American, I get a special kick out of stopping at Burger King when I’m in the city.  A young girl with very black skin and an African accent takes my order, a young Hispanic fills it, a white guy is busy cooking sausage.

America, explosion of languages, beauty of colors, hope for the future.  And I am part of it all.


This is my America and I am proud.  I am also afraid as I hear boos from crowds at differing opinions and see hate online.

God, in this political season, help us all to remember one thing:  whether we are legal or not, rich or struggling, Democrat, Republican or Independent, you are our God and we are your children.

May we deal with each other with this wondrous fact in mind and insist – yes, insist — that politicians and parties do the same.

This is America, not meant to be home of so much hate.  Amen.

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