Constructive criticism is good for Church


In response to Michelle Snyder’s letter in the Aug. 11 edition of The Catholic Messenger, I would have to take issue with her accusation that Father Richard McBrien is “sowing seeds of doubt.” 

From what Ms. Snyder wrote it would appear she believes his sole purpose in writing his column is to be a destructive force within the Church.  This is simply not true. 

If we have learned anything from the scandals of the past decade (let alone the rest of Church history) it is that Church teaching, and those teaching within the Church, need to be questioned in order to determine if this is the teaching of God or only of men (specifically men since, as of now, one doesn’t see any women among the college of cardinals). 

Healthy and constructive criticism is a good and necessary thing. If one’s faith cannot stand up to such criticism then what is the point of having it?


Thank you,

Cullin Schooley

Des Moines

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