We’ll see our loved ones in heaven


Today I read Father John Dietzen’s column “Will we see loved ones in eternity?” (The Catholic Messenger, May 12).  I offer the following:

In 1970 my husband Francis and I stood at the bedside of his mother in the Washington, Iowa, hospital. We did not realize that her death was imminent. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, reached up with her hands and began calling out to her husband, Laurence, who had died two years previously. She kept calling, “Laurence, here I am. Come get me. Can’t you see me? I’m over here. Laurence, come get me.” She was definitely seeing him. Then, just as quickly, she turned her head to the pillow, closed her eyes, and drew her last breath.

I have an adult male cousin who is my age and lives in another state. He told me that he was present when his mother (my aunt) died, and she had a similar experience, calling out to her siblings whom she was seeing and naming just as she died.

Yes, we will definitely see our loved ones in heaven.


Teresa Mottet


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