Fr. McBrien denies authentic Church teaching


I have just read Father Richard McBrien’s column (March 10, The Catholic Messenger) and am once again wondering “with feeling” why his column is printed in our diocesan newspaper as he routinely denies the authentic teaching of the Church.

In support of my view I cite the following:

Fr. McBrien’s textbook “Catholi­cism” was officially censured for “certain shortcomings” including “his tendency to place the teaching of the Church on the same level as the opinion of dissenting theologians.”

Father John Hardon, distinguished theologian and holy priest, once cited Fr. McBrien as an example of “still professed Catholic writers” who “are re-interpreting the Church’s teaching on the sacraments with a license and a devastating consequence …”


I look to our diocesan newspaper as a source for accurate Church news and guidance by the Holy Father and Magis­terium to rightly understand some world events. I welcome columns which may prick and challenge our strongly held, uncharitably presented beliefs but I am distressed beyond telling by a column which routinely writes with an authoritative voice attacking bedrock Catholic teaching. Thought-provoking opinion is beneficial; challenges to the very nature of our faith are poisonous.

I doubt few would deny the body of Christ is wounded. Would it not be of great benefit for our diocesan newspaper to present opinion which, at least, does not further wound it; which would, instead, strengthen it?  Should this not be your mission?

Anita Crosby


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