Life is precious in and outside womb


I read about the Philadelphia doctor charged with killing babies that had been born alive after an abortion. He is accused of severing their spinal cords. According to news sources, a woman at his clinic died after receiving too much anesthetic.

Why is it not wrong to kill an unborn child, but it is wrong to kill that child after he or she is delivered alive from the womb? This sounds like a double standard.  I know there are arguments concerning when life begins, but I believe there is a correct answer to that question. We look to the courts or secular authorities for answers, but I think we need to look at what God says. I believe God speaks to us through the teachings of the Catholic Church. We will ultimately answer to God and not the courts or secular authorities.

I am reminded of something that happened many years ago in the mid 1970s. I was living in the Chicago area working in retail. I met a young lady and started dating. She revealed to me that her parents had taken her out of state to have an abortion. This upset me a great deal. She told me that she wondered whether her baby knew what she had done. She felt she was to blame. She felt the loss of her child even though it was not her decision.

Our relationship did not work out so I moved back to my hometown. A year later I received word that this young lady had been killed in a traffic accident. I went to the funeral. Her father was devastated. His little girl was gone. The loss her parents felt might be comparable to the loss she felt because of her abortion. Life is precious in and out of the womb.


Scott Inman


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