Abortion is cruelest child abuse


The word abortion is often misused; abortion is the removal of a dead baby. Who can be against abortion? A dead baby should be removed.

Aborticide, however, is the destruction of a living person in the womb. When people talk about choice, they never mean aborticide. Iowa Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal is quoted in an Iowa newspaper supporting a woman’s right to choose.

Choose what? Choose the cruelest child abuse? To be the mother of a dead baby? To cover up sin? To liberate the father? To make a mistake that can’t be erased? To choose a doctor who is a mass killer? To shed innocent blood? To destroy two lives?

This poor “choice” is the killing of a living person with its own DNA, an expected birthday, and a future. Remember our state slogan: “Iowa — A Place to Grow.”


Donna Holman

Stop Planned Parenthood of the Heartland


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