Obviously Christian, right?


By Frank Wessling

For much of this summer President Barack Obama was criticized by many of his fellow Democrats for being too cool, too cerebral, not passionate enough in fighting for his agenda. Last week’s burst of sharp rhetoric may have quieted the critics, but the feeling remains that Mr. Obama is too gentle for the modern political game.

At the same time, other folks contend that the president isn’t really a Christian, as he says he is. He’s a Muslim, they say, with the clear implication that this is a very bad thing.

But isn’t it obvious that Obama is a Christian, and one who takes Jesus more seriously as a guide than a lot of us who show up regularly in church? Look at the way he’s behaved, infuriating his political base by his nonviolent stance toward Republicans. Look at the way he tried so hard to convert his opponents, even trimming his agenda.

His Democratic critics see it clearly: the president seems determined to follow the direction of Jesus. He keeps turning the other cheek, doesn’t he? At least he did prior to last week. But wasn’t that the traditional Labor Day beginning of the political campaign season? We should excuse him for following the script to help his friends.


Another thing to keep in mind: Obama regularly echoes Jesus by suggesting that his opponents know not what they do.

Having such familiarity with the Gospel, he must be a Christian, right?

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