Chastity talk at NCYC memorable for one teen


By Elizabeth Evans

The most memorable part of NCYC in my opinion was Jason and Crystalina Evert’s chastity talk. They promoted it in a way that made it seem attractive, rather than “uncool” like many chastity speakers have the tendency of doing.

They used hilarity to get the point across and keep the audience interested. One of my favorite stories was one in which two girls who were dating the same guy, but did not know it, happened to meet each other while on vacation. Coincidentally, they started talking about their boyfriends (or boyfriend), and one showed the other a picture on her cell phone, to which the other girl’s response was, “THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND.” 

It was anecdotes such as these that caused the audience to pay attention and truly listen to what Jason and Crystalina had to say. They related so well to the audience because they spoke from experience. They knew what it was like, because they were teenagers once and they had struggled with the same things that we are.

One of the things that Jason had said in response to the question, “How far can I go with my girlfriend?” was, if you really love and care for her, why do you want to get her as close to the limits as possible of sinning?


This made so much sense to me, even though I had never thought of it like that before. Jason and Crystalina had already spoken at my school … (but) the talk was just as influential to me, as well as many of my other classmates. Mention of a chastity talk might not enliven many teenagers, but after hearing what Jason and Crystalina have to say, they might change their minds. As Jason Evert stated, “True love waits.”

(Elizabeth Evans is a junior at Assumption High School in Davenport.)

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