Stay involved in church after confirmation


By Vanessa Shearer

Why stay involved in the church after being confirmed? What held my interest, you ask? Well if I don’t believe in him, why should the good Lord believe in me? I know that I don’t get through these everyday struggles on my own.

The school halls I walk through every day are loaded with hateful people, and this homework that I stare at keeps slapping me in the face. I know that I am physically able enough to take on these daily tasks, but I always seem to question myself about the emotional aspect.

This is why I know the Lord is my backbone and is holding my hand. Many ask why I want to become a lector and an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, or why I am a member of the youth choir, or why I am a religious education teacher assistant and a youth representative on the All Saints Parish Council in Keokuk. I always reply with the same answer: “When I stand before him the day I die, I want to look tired and weak rather than strong and mighty. Why? Because I want to have used every talent to its fullest that the good Lord gave me.”

I’m involved because I believe and love my Savior. I may not be able to save the world, but I can sure try with everything I am given. He will not judge me on what I have accomplished, but how hard I have tried.


Confirmation is not just about confirming your Catholic faith; it’s about becoming an adult in the parish community and taking a few more steps to grow stronger and more understanding of our faith. You make a commitment to God. Please, as you are on the path to be confirmed in Christ, take that extra step to be that person. I was just confirmed in March. I know what it’s like to be a high school kid, to want to attend the home school football game and spend time with friends. But just remember, God put all that time and thought into creating us; take some time to give honor, glory and praise.

Lord, as I walk through these tough years in my life, hold my hand and guide me to be the person you desire. Help me to grow and learn in my faith. With your guidance, I can achieve anything.  Amen.

(Vanessa Shearer is a junior at Keokuk Senior High School and a member of All Saints Parish, Keokuk.)

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