Diversity of Catholic thinkers helps faith mature


Thank you for the Tony Magliano commentary on the morality of the war in Afghanistan (The Catholic Messenger, Oct. 15). 

The Catholic Church spread from a small Middle Eastern nation to Egypt, Africa, eastern and western European nations, to the world. Each of these in their time and place has contributed to the richness of Catholic thought and liturgy. From the polyglot of languages and peoples in Israel at the time of Jesus through the present where Catholic Christianity literally covers the globe, Catholicism has absorbed language and practices that make it what it is today. 

We no longer speak the language of Jesus, nor the Greek, Phoenician, Latin or other languages in which Christianity grew, but bits and pieces of each, and the countries to which it has spread are part of both liturgy and tradition. While the core of Catholicism remains constant, tradition continues to evolve as God continues to reveal himself.  

In my many years beyond confirmation, I have not taken advantage of all the opportunities that I should have to allow my confirmation age understanding of my faith to mature into an adult’s understanding. With the diversity of Catholic thinkers the Messenger provides, this process continues.  I may not agree with all, but all cause me to examine what it is I believe, and how, as a consequence, I live my life.   


Glenn Leach

St. Ann’s Parish

Long Grove

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