Sharing God’s Blessings: Advantages of donating electronically

Sr. Goedken

Approximately 60 percent of all paychecks are automatically deposited. About 75 percent of people do some form of online banking. According to a recent study done by Charles Zech, an economics professor at Villanova University, 38 percent of Roman Catholics decide what they will give to the church on the basis of what is in their checkbook on a given week and they do not contribute on the Sundays they are away.

Making a donation to your church is moving from the Sunday collection basket into cyberspace or onto the credit/debit card. Electronic giving replaces 52 decisions to give a weekly offering.

Stewardship giving is thoughtful, planned, proportionate and sacrificial. Electronic giving can help achieve these principles. Contributing from your credit card or checking account on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis automatically makes you a thoughtful planned donor. You will donate when you are away.

More important than the frequency of a gift is the faithfulness of the giver. You are 100 percent faithful when you give with your weekly envelope or electronically weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. You also provide a more steady flow of income for your parish.


Online giving is safe, smart, convenient and available.  Many parishes provide electronic fund transfer (EFT) via their local bank.  Individuals across the diocese will be able to use EFT and credit/debit card giving for the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

Amy Greiner, business manager for St. James Parish in Washington, states, “Our parish had done nothing about electronic giving until this summer. We are now set up for church support, school support, school scholarship, school tuition and ADA and our parishioners are responding positively. Vanco (an electronic giving company) has even helped me integrate these donations with our parish software.”  

Becki Kenton, parish administrator for St. Joseph Parish and School in DeWitt, says, “Automatic deduction from an individual’s checking account is gaining in popularity. It is an easy, reliable and convenient way to make regular parish donations. This has also helped us get regular tuition payments for school.”

Giving is a public expression of faith. Dropping an envelope into the basket at offertory time shows your participation in your parish. You can write “I give electronically” on your weekly envelope. Your gift still comes from your heart.

Contact your parish about giving electronically. For more information from the Diocese, contact Sister Laura Goedken, OP at (563) 324-1912, ext. 290 or

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