Caring for others not government’s duty


I am writing today in response to a recent homily lamenting that business owners no longer care about their employees (their flock). It is my fear that our Catholic community is being propagandized in the name of “social justice.”

It is estimated that more than 85 percent of all businesses in the United States are small business, family-owned operations. We do not own our own homes or vehicles; the bank does. We do not leave work at 5 p.m. or relax over our weekends. We lay awake at night, sick at heart wondering how to make next week’s payroll. We take pay cuts rather than laying off our employees. We do what we do because we are entrepreneurs and we love doing it.

There are some mega companies that have proven to be poor stewards of their shareholders’ trust. They are shameless in their greed and deceit, but they are very few in number. My request today is that you, our religious leaders, be open to the idea that there are factions in this country and in our Catholic Church who want to turn over to the U.S. government our education, life choices (both beginning and end) and now health care.

This is the same government that has stolen our Social Security funds (soon to be bankrupt), funds overseas abortions and cannot account for millions of dollars of hardworking citizens because of waste and fraud.


It is my belief that our world would be better served if church leaders spoke directly to fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Speak to accountability and productivity. The individual is responsible for caring for his/her brothers and sisters in Christ, not the government. It all starts at home.

Judy Colombari


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