We must admit we were all once embryos


Pro-choicers: the game is up!

In his May 28 editorial, “What a divide we have on abortion,” Frank Wessling discusses a wide variety of differences between the pro-life and pro-choice sides. He goes on to make a key point: that if the pro-choice side ever admits that a fetus is endowed with full human dignity, the game is up.

I believe that Mr. Wessling has pinpointed the real reason why the pro-choice side has always aggressively resisted all attempts to establish even reasonable restrictions on abortion, parental notification, partial-birth abortion, etc.

Their greatest fear is that if they ever give in on any of these restrictions, they will be admitting what every high school biology student already knows: that at conception, when the male sperm unites with the female egg, all of the basic genetic characteristics have been pre-determined. This includes sex, eye color, hair color, physical and intellectual capacities, etc.


From this basic union we can ascertain the following facts: 1) Life begins at conception. 2) At conception a unique individual human being has been created. 3) This unique individual human being is endowed with all of the basic genetic characteristics necessary for personhood. 4) If given nourishment this little person will grow into a fully grown person.

In conclusion, if the pro-choice side will agree to accept the basic conclusions of the biological sciences, we can all join together in condemning the silly idea that a mother or a doctor has the right to kill an innocent individual human person. In addition, everyone who reads these words will be able to admit that at the earliest stage of their own lives they were in fact this same little person.

Patrick Hardy

Rock Island, Ill.

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