Several opinions merit response


So much to write and so few words are allowed.

Editorial for May 28: The two groups are noted as pro-life and pro-choice. Please do not succumb to the misleading rhetoric of today’s society. In truth we are all pro-choice and that exemplifies the truth of free will. Those who support abortion are pro-death, but that does not sound very good, does it? Remember, Satan quoted Scripture.

The letter by Carol Tweedy equates love with acceptance of the gay lifestyle and says that it is good. What’s interesting is that the gay sex act throws the seed/egg on the ground and the seed will not grow. I will love all but will not accept wasted sperm or seed. I suppose you know what happened to the barren tree? Besides, “marriage” of same sexes mocks the institution. It is not good to mock the things that God has blessed.

The letter by Sam Osborne noted that torture is an evil path, and yet he says that “there is justification for torturing to find out who to torture.” Interesting. I believe the second commandment (of the great two) is much more applicable. I would not want to be tortured; why would I torture someone else? Here is where the United States really missed the boat. They sure showed those at Gitmo that we were no different and our Christian beliefs are worthless. 


The future of the church is to be divided, and it is today. But the holy Eucharist is still true and here! Come adore Jesus one hour a week. Amen. God bless one and all.

William Grothus


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