Several pro-life issues warrant concern


We need to be concerned about the direction this country is headed and how it impacts matters that should be of concern to Catholics. Here are issues that I find to be of particular concern:

• Freedom of Choice Act, HR 1964-S1173. This legislation would nullify any state restrictions on abortion on demand and including the so called, late term or (partial –birth) abortion.

• Freedom of Conscience. I believe this legislation could cause Catholic hospitals to close that will not perform publicly funded abortions; your parish priest could be arrested for preaching against the actions of Washington.

• Mexico City Accord. The United States is paying for international abortions. This was one of the first things President Obama signed after being sworn into office.


• Embryonic stem cell research. President Obama said that he was authorizing a program that President Bush had outlawed. This is simply not true. There is no evidence that embryonic stem cell research has created any benefits for patients afflicted by disease.  On the contrary, there is evidence that tumors and mutations occur as a result. Adult stem cell research is proving to be far more beneficial and there is no destruction of an embryo. As a matter of fact, those of you who have benefited from bone-marrow transplant are beneficiaries of adult stem cells.

• The naming of Harry Knox as head of the Faith-Based Advisory Council. This man has called the Holy Father a “discredited leader” and the Knights of Columbus “discredited foot soldiers of a discredited leader.”

Robert Cox-Keith

Summerville, S.C.

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