Prayer could have averted economic crisis


I recently came across a tape of a talk that Mother Angelica of EWTN gave in 1994 at a St. Louis Peace Conference. Her talk was on “Prayer: What the World Needs Now!”

This talk was given 15 years ago; still, as a people we did not wake up. The economy was good, but morals were bad! Perhaps we did not feel the dire need for prayer.

Now 15 years later we find ourselves in a terrible economic condition, but even worse — a great spiritual disaster. Babies are still being aborted, fewer Catholics are going to Mass, many do not believe in the Real Presence.

Had we heeded Mother Angelica’s advice 15 years ago, perhaps we might have averted the terrible situation we are facing now. As a nation, so few people will speak out about how much we’ve hurt God. The Sodom and Gomorrah issue is barely talked about. (We must love the sinner, but hate the sin!)  TV and the commercials are no longer family oriented. The immodesty in our dress is fashionable. Purity and chastity are words rarely heard. The movies often take the Lord’s name in vain and these are listed “watch with discretion.” 


Some will remember when we would bow our heads at the “name of Jesus.” Older loved ones are sometimes placed in nursing homes, where quite often they are never visited. Greed! How great it is in the business world! Every one of God’s commandments is violated!

So, is it no wonder our precious Jesus says: Enough is enough! Everyone agrees we are headed for some hard times, but I doubt if they know the reason why.

Not because our dear Lord wants to punish us, but because he loves us so much, he will do anything to bring us back to him.                                                  

Anna Marie Oliger  


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