Caring for creation, others

Kyle Willoughby

By Kyle Willoughby

I was wondering about what I could do to protect God’s creation and I found an answer.

First, recycle, protect the environment; we have only one. Protecting the environment by recycling will not only reduce trash landfills but will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is getting a lot thicker because of factories, cars and other gasoline-fueled motors. With the atmosphere getting thicker, ultraviolet rays are getting trapped in the atmosphere, causing the polar ice caps to melt, and many polar animal species are getting endangered.

Second, God doesn’t just care about the environment; he cares about you, too. The second way to protect God’s creation is to care about yourself both physically and mentally. This means not doing drugs or any other harmful things to your body. And mentally would be preparing your mind for schoolwork and your businesses. Being fair and trying your best is what I believe God wants your attitude to be. He wishes for you to live in eternity with him but you must obey his commandments first.

Third, care for other people. This can be small things like giving cards, a friendly visit or a phone chat. It doesn’t have to be big, but the bigger things would be like an adult caring for the elderly or a small grandchild spending the day with his grandparents. My parish usually goes to a local nursing home and sings church songs to the residents and then gets to know them. My mom used to work at a nursing home, and I went to work with her one time and really enjoyed it.


Well, that is basically what I think you should do to protect God’s creation.

(Kyle Willoughby is an eighth-grader and is a member of Sacred Heart Parish in Melcher.)

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