Facts would bolster letter writers’ points


The exchange of views on Dr. Keith Soko’s commentary on EWTN has been both encouraging and discouraging. Encouraging because commentary and debate are a sign of involvement, and involvement with one’s faith is good. 

However, the number of comments that are only attacks on Dr. Soko is discouraging.  Several lack good manners, much less an attitude of informed debate. Discouraging also are the complaints that are bolstered only by the writer’s feelings, without reference to facts supporting the writer’s point.   Some cite the number of outlets for EWTN as support. Others speak of their personal reactions to its programming. Another cited a bishop’s endorsement from a different state, not mentioning there seem to be a larger number of bishops who have not felt impelled to endorse EWTN. One writer even, in the spirit of what sounded a bit like the Inquisition, even offered Dr. Soko the opportunity to recant his position. 

Writers are entitled to their opinions, but courtesy and facts would make them more compelling. 

Dr. Soko is a theologian with many years of study whose knowledge of theology and the church has been tested and accepted by his peers. This does not make him immune to error; however, it does mean that those who would challenge his knowledge are obliged to document their own. 


Glenn Leach

St. Ann Parish, Long Grove

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