Catholic Schools Week: Notre Dame students explain why they like Catholic schools


Junior high students from Notre Dame Catholic Schools in Burlington share why they appreciate attending Catholic schools.

• Eighth-grader Cassidy Link: “I love attending a Catholic school because everyone is equal, also because I get to express my religion freely.”

• Eighth-grader Jade Sorensen: “I like going to a Catholic school because I get to learn more about being Catholic, which makes me feel closer to God.”

• Eighth-grader Gaby Houtza: “I like to go to a Catholic school because it seems like we the students are closer, because we are such a small school. I think that we are more like a big family than a school.”


• Eighth-grader Kacie Broeg: “I like attending Catholic schools because we can have religion classes. This helps us learn about God and his good deeds.”

• Seventh-grader Kenny Reach: “I like going to Catholic schools because everyone is nicer. I like it better because no one makes fun of me. Also we get to learn about God, so we are nicer.”

• Eighth-grader Caleb Smith: “I like Catholic schools because they are more organized and civilized than public schools. Catholic schools also offer a better education.”

• Eighth-grader Kullen Koelker: “I like attending a Catholic school because I can talk about the Lord whenever I want.” 

• Eighth-grader Alex Bohnenkamp: “The things that I like about Catholic school are: no crowds, good education, good morals.” 

• Eighth-grader Erin Schilling: “I like going to a Catholic school because I don’t have to worry about not being able to express my feelings about God.”

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