Student council members work hard

Student council members visited teachers while acting out the Epiphany journey after school in December. The students reminded observers that God leads those seeking the Savior.

Regina Elementary’s student council is comprised of five officers who are sixth-grade students.  The offices they hold are president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and assistant to the advisor.  The student council leader is Sister Mary Frances Michalec, who has been its advisor for the past 17 years and started the council in 1992.

The council also includes representatives from grades four, five and six. They meet twice a month to discuss how to improve Regina.

Their ongoing duties include being “Angel Dusters,” or chapel cleaners.  They report for cleaning once a week to keep the prayer space in good order. 

Regina also has “Nutty Pickers.” They help pick up walnuts on the playground in fall so teachers and students don’t slip on them. The “Nutty Pickers” are quite a busy group because of all the walnut trees that are on the elementary playground.


There is also a group called the “Hall Detectives” who check the hallways once a week and pick up anything on the floor or on top of lockers. They work hard to keep Regina’s hallways looking clean. The detectives “sniff out” any disorder in the hallways and take action.

Sr. Michalec’s “Lost and Found Group” returns lost articles to students and keeps the pile of lost and found items orderly. This is a busy group in the winter when mittens lose a partner and boots are not a pair.

One of the student council’s major undertakings and money-makers is the box-top collection. Students are encouraged to collect General Mills box tops. Just this fall alone, students collected more than $2,000 in box tops, which equates to more than 20,000 box tops. 

Funds raised by the student council are spent on school improvements. Funds have gone toward purchasing chapel chairs, supplies for the school and food for the needy.

Regina’s student council members take their jobs very seriously.  For each school year, they keep a scrapbook of the major happenings and efforts.

The pictures and history are documented very thoroughly so Regina can see all that has been done by the wonderful student council and advisor.

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