Msgr. Shafer deserves sympathy


To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article in the 1/22/09 issue of The Catholic Messenger regarding the reception Msgr. Drake Shafer received at Holy Family Parish in Davenport. I was appalled by the actions or thoughts of some parishioners.

Any person who has had an accusation brought against him or her, as Msgr. Shafer had, might have spent the last 5-1/2 years walking on eggshells or keeping a low profile not because of guilt, but because of his or her innocence and so that authorities could investigate the accusation.

Although I have never met Msgr. Shafer, I applaud the courage he showed in stepping down from this assignment. It takes a great man to turn the other cheek and to not think of himself, but about what would be better for his fellow Christians.


I truly pray that the individuals who have a problem with or may have made threats against Msgr. Shafer or any other human being to take a good look deep within their souls before throwing stones. Remember the words of our Savior regarding the woman who had been accused of adultery. 

I will continue to keep those who cast stones, as well as Msgr. Shafer and all the clergy, in my prayers.

Bernadette Koch


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