I’m hungry: one week without holy Communion


By John Cooper

(Editor’s note: the following column by John Cooper, pastoral associate and business manager of St. Anthony Parish in Dav­enport, ap­peared in the parish’s weekly email newsletter that he produces. It is reprinted with permission.)


It’s been one week without holy Communion, for me. Having worked for the Church in one way or another for most of my career, I have had ample access to the Mass and holy Communion. For much of that time, I have been a daily communicant.

Some days, I have wondered if receiving holy Communion has become too easy for me. Do I take it for granted? Would going a period of time without holy Communion help me to value it even more than I already do?


Well, during this time of social distancing and no Mass, I am experiencing life without holy Communion, just like you are. Yes, I have been coming to the church every day and there’s holy Communion in the tabernacle. I could go over to the tabernacle and receive holy Communion (one of the perks of the job), but I have purposefully refrained from doing so.

During last Sunday’s online Mass, you may have seen me serving as lector and altar server. However, I refrained from receiving holy Communion for a several of reasons. First, I don’t want to take advantage of my position here. Second, I want to be in solidarity with all of you who have no access to receiving holy Communion. Third, the Holy Spirit seems to be saying to me that I should take this time to pray and contemplate the immeasurable blessing it is to receive Jesus, body, soul and divinity.

Jesus, as we await the next time that we can receive you in the holy Communion, be with us. Give us patience until we receive you again!

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